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Relationships can5 Relationship Red Flags be wonderful. They also can be the greatest source of stress and distress in our lives.

What would happen if you could notice those red flags…those warning signs?

Imagine if you would…driving in a car. You are sitting there, hands on the wheel and you are approaching an intersection. At the intersection, there is a traffic light. Now…I don’t know about you…but when I see a red light, I stop. It’s a really good idea, don’t you think?

These Relationship Red Flags


Red flags in a relationship are warnings. You need to pay attention to them because if you don’t, they [click to continue…]


What does needyneedy desperate romantic relationships and desperate look like? Have you ever had one of those relationships?

If you’ve ever done this, then that’s what desperation looks like.

  • Texting all the time
  • Wanting to hear the other person’s voice, phoning
  • Wanting to be in constant contact
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Wondering what the other person is doing all the time
  • Being available and dropping your plans on a moment’s notice
  • Not having your own opinions or boundaries

When you feel like you don’t have worth…or when you think that you don’t count… [click to continue…]


Goals aregoals are important important to have. Yes. Most definitely.

When you’re in a relationship, shared goals are important, too, as well as the ones you have individually.

But what about sharing those weight loss goals, business goals, financial goals before they are a reality with large numbers of people? Is that a good idea? [click to continue…]


Everything is stop arguments and bickeringgoing along well. Then, out of the blue, you find yourself in an angry argument with your partner/spouse. It’s not a knock down and drag out fight. But it’s a disagreement.

You find yourself frustrated, trying to find the right words to explain your point of view. Your partner is doing the same. You both approach the disagreement from a view point of “I’m right. You’re wrong”.

How is that working for you? [click to continue…]

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The biggest problemtaken for granted, take for granted with feeling like you are being taken for granted is the feeling of being powerless to change it.

But what if you actually did have the power to do just that?

What if you could change that by changing your own behavior?

Because we all know that you can’t change anyone else’s behavior…don’t we?

Let’s take a look at that…and answer some questions… [click to continue…]