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Relationship Coaching

*** I am no longer accepting new clients…I will leave the articles up on the site as they are…for reference. 2018 is bringing new changes…***

What is relationship coaching all about? Here is a short video about coaching…I think you’ll enjoy it!

How Coaching Works



 Let’s talk about the basics……

  • Discovery. What is the problem? 
  • Eliminating negative beliefs at their root cause using NLP techniques
  • Installing new strategies of behavior that you choose
  • Testing to see if you still have the problem. Has the negative belief been eliminated completely?
  • Creating your future, the way you want it!

Let’s talk about discovery first. Do you know what the problem is or do you see things in the relationship that need to be changed? How do you know you have a problem?

Is the difficulty with your relationship with yourself (overspending, anxiety, compulsions, fears, etc.)? Or is it with your relationship with another person? Why do you have this problem? We discover the root cause of the problem through a series of questions.
Next, the negative belief needs to be eliminated. People behave in ways that are consistent with their beliefs, whether they are positive or negative.

Once you name the dragon, the negative belief, it can be eliminated, destroyed and replaced with a belief that is more in line with your core values.  For example, what does it look like in your life if you have the negative belief “I am worthless”? Do you think that you would be able to create a life full of love, success, and mental peace with that humming in the background of your mind? Or would it be more ecological for you to believe “I am a gift to the world”?.

Once that is done, the installation of strategies that support you in the life you want to create is a simple process.

Then, it is on to creating your future!
Relationship coaching can be done in person or through Skype.Click here to learn more!