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If you are looking for a gluten free, wheat free recipe book that is budget friendly, it’s just been published! The book also features corn free recipes, for those with multiple allergies. Click here to check it out on Amazon! If you pick it up and find that it has value to you, please consider leaving a review. I would really appreciate that!


Pumpkin is one of my favorite fall vegetables. Not only is it a funky orange color that tells of its rich source of antioxidants, it tastes great! Especially when pumpkin is made into pies and my favorite gluten free pumpkin loaf!

pumpkin bread loaf

As a person who has either celiac disease or a measure of gluten sensitivity, it is even more important to ensure that we get vitamins and minerals in our food. Pumpkin has lots of vitamin A, carotenoids, vitamins C, K, E and various minerals, such as iron, potassium, and magnesium! Pumpkin rocks!

Pumpkin is also a great source of fiber with 3.5 grams of fiber in half a cup of canned pumpkin!

This is a time tested recipe in our family. Usually, I make this into 2 gluten free pumpkin loaves but as you can see from the picture, I cooked it in a bundt pan, this time. That works, too, it just takes longer to cook.

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Yum! It’s still summer for at least a little while. While we have the wonderful abundance of summer fruits, I like to make gluten free pies, as well as eat the berries fresh! So, this week, I  made a lovely, blueberry gluten free pie!

gluten free blueberry pie

Even if you use frozen blueberries and make this gluten free pie in the middle of the winter, it will bring back the taste and smells of summer as it is baking in your kitchen.

Which Gluten Free Pie Crust do You Use?

There are a number of ready made alternatives that are available. I know that the pastry that Kinnikinnick makes here in Edmonton works well…and there are times when it is convenient to have a ready made pie crust available to you.

What I like to do is take either of my two favorite gluten free pie crust recipes and make enough for the pie that I am currently making; then I freeze the rest of the pastry in ziploc bags.

The easiest way to do this [click to continue…]


Even though I have had really good luck with this gluten free pie crust recipe, I have another pastry recipe that I really like. The advantage of this gluten free pie crust is that it sticks together really well. The pastry is easy to roll out and when you transfer it from being rolled out to the pie plate…well, it stays together! For those of you who have tried making pie crust before, you know that is quite the accomplishment. : D

gluten free flaky pie crust that rolls

Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe

5 1/2 cups of gluten free all purpose mix  (this works the best!) [click to continue…]


When you have a craving for a gluten free apple pie and you don’t have the time to make one, then this gluten free cinnamon spiced apple crisp is quick and easy and delicious. I like to call it a triple threat treat. : D

Gluten free apple cinnamon spiced crisp

This gluten free apple dessert is so simple to make. With the year round abundance of apples, [click to continue…]