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Gluten Free

Pumpkin is one of my favorite fall vegetables. Not only is it a funky orange color that tells of its rich source of antioxidants, it tastes great! Especially when pumpkin is made into pies and my favorite gluten free pumpkin loaf! As a person who has either celiac disease or a measure of gluten sensitivity… Read More

pumpkin bread loaf

Yum! It’s still summer for at least a little while. While we have the wonderful abundance of summer fruits, I like to make gluten free pies, as well as eat the berries fresh! So, this week, I  made a lovely, blueberry gluten free pie! Even if you use frozen blueberries and make this gluten free… Read More

gluten free blueberry pie

When you have a craving for a gluten free apple pie and you don’t have the time to make one, then this gluten free cinnamon spiced apple crisp is quick and easy and delicious. I like to call it a triple threat treat. : D This gluten free apple dessert is so simple to make… Read More

Gluten free apple cinnamon spiced crisp

Quite often, we have what we like to call “Breakfast for Supper”. It usually consists of gluten free pancakes, bacon, eggs (in the form of fried eggs, scrambled or poached…my favorite is poached!). Sometimes, we splurge and have gluten free breakfast sausages instead of the bacon. If you want, you can transform the gluten free… Read More


We don’t always have a chocolate gluten free cake for birthdays! Today, I made Shane a white gluten free cake with broiled frosting, another family favorite. Shane doesn’t need to eat gluten free but he is such a sweetie and so understanding…so all of the baking that is done in the house is gluten free… Read More