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Even though I have had really good luck with this gluten free pie crust recipe, I have another pastry recipe that I really like. The advantage of this gluten free pie crust is that it sticks together really well. The pastry is easy to roll out and when you transfer it from being rolled out to the… Read More

gluten free flaky pie crust that rolls

Quite often, we have what we like to call “Breakfast for Supper”. It usually consists of gluten free pancakes, bacon, eggs (in the form of fried eggs, scrambled or poached…my favorite is poached!). Sometimes, we splurge and have gluten free breakfast sausages instead of the bacon. If you want, you can transform the gluten free… Read More


We don’t always have a chocolate gluten free cake for birthdays! Today, I made Shane a white gluten free cake with broiled frosting, another family favorite. Shane doesn’t need to eat gluten free but he is such a sweetie and so understanding…so all of the baking that is done in the house is gluten free… Read More


These peanut butter topped chocolate gluten free brownies are an amazingly scrumptious treat! I had the privilege of sampling them at an Easter dinner that Kaelie hosted…I had to have two! My entire family enjoyed them. If you are a peanut butter and chocolate fan, this marries the best of both worlds! It reminds me… Read More


When you are looking for a decadently delicious gluten free treat, these triple chocolate muffins that Kaelie has brought to us, are the answer! These gluten free muffins are brimming with chocolately goodness, from the deep richness of cocoa to the bright taste of the milk chocolate chips and the dark goodness of the dark… Read More