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I am very fond of Kinnikinnick’s gluten free donuts, in all of the varied  flavors.Tonight, I wanted a donut and there weren’t any left in the freezer!  I have made gluten free donuts before and used a deep fryer to accomplish it. However, this time, I decided to try something different and use a donut baking pan… Read More


These peanut butter topped chocolate gluten free brownies are an amazingly scrumptious treat! I had the privilege of sampling them at an Easter dinner that Kaelie hosted…I had to have two! My entire family enjoyed them. If you are a peanut butter and chocolate fan, this marries the best of both worlds! It reminds me… Read More


When you are looking for a decadently delicious gluten free treat, these triple chocolate muffins that Kaelie has brought to us, are the answer! These gluten free muffins are brimming with chocolately goodness, from the deep richness of cocoa to the bright taste of the milk chocolate chips and the dark goodness of the dark… Read More