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Quite often, we have what we like to call “Breakfast for Supper”. It usually consists of gluten free pancakes, bacon, eggs (in the form of fried eggs, scrambled or poached…my favorite is poached!). Sometimes, we splurge and have gluten free breakfast sausages instead of the bacon. If you want, you can transform the gluten free… Read More


When you need to eat gluten free, the slow cooker can be your best friend. Because of the nature of cooking gluten free, we often need to spend just that little bit of extra time…either in gathering the right ingredients or in the actual food preparation. Today, we have a new recipe for Italian meatballs… Read More


What's for supper tonight? We had a delicious gluten free roast 3 days ago. Since then it has been sitting in my fridge with no takers! No one wanted to make hot roast beef sandwiches or have a meat pie. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and use the leftover roast… Read More


One of my favorite recipes is this one from my Mom that I have adapted to be gluten free. This gluten free meat pie is easily made as individual serving pies, like the one that is shown above or as a family style 9 inch pie. The day that I made these gluten free pies… Read More