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What is NLP?

If all behavior has a structure and underneath that structure is beliefs  and memories, then with NLP, you can use techniques (depending on the problem) to clarify and change those behaviors, if that’s what you want.  You can release the negative emotions on past memories and using modeling, can have new strategies, as well, that will help you to create what you really want. 


NLP is…

There are many definitions of NLP out there and here is my version.

NLP is a model of communication that explores the relationships between how we think (that is the neuro part), how we communicate through language (linguistic) and the results that come about because of those ways (the programming  or patterns that we have in our minds).  Our beliefs and memories in effect determine the behaviors that we practice.

Neuro: How we think

Linguistic: How we speak

Programming: The patterns and behaviors that we use to run our minds

The techniques were developed originally by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder who modelled the works of early self development pioneers and therapists who were successful.

Who is NLP for?

It is for anyone who wants to make a change.  It is for people of all spiritual beliefs and walks of life.

Do I need to see a practitioner?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Albert Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Some people can make the changes on their own,others need some guidance.

The role of the NLP practitioner

I can’t speak for other practitioners, only myself.  I believe that my role is to be a guide.  You decide on what is the problem and I help you uncover the “root cause” and from there guide you to make the change because you are always the one in charge of your own mind, aren’t you?



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